Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hi Guys,

Back again after another week if Transition Year excitement. This week has been spent preparing for our school's annual fun walk and our many up and coming projects.

The 'fun walk' happens every year in my school. Each year is appointed a colour and each class is left to organise costumes, dance routines, you name it! It's great fun and is held in light of our Anti- Bullying week. The idea is that everybody comes together to achieve a fun school day where we perform our dances and parade around our locality in our hand-made costumes. This year, my colour is yellow, and we've chosen to be Lego men, while dancing to the well known hit 'hey-ya' by outcast.

I'm really looking forward to the Fun walk tomorrow, and let's hope my class win ! (did I forget to mention the class with the best dance routine wins a prize?). I'm going to make my outfit by cutting arm and leg holes out of a large cardboard box i've managed to get a hold of. I'll then attatch toilet rolls to the front and colour it with yellow paint for the 'lego man' look!

Other than focusing on the Fun walk, we've also been working hard on projects we've been assigned. They're great projects that really get you thinking, take for example, our geography project where we have to 'virtually' visit 6 countries in 1 year with 12,000 euros spending money. It's hard work, but heeeapps of fun and it's something I've never done before.

This week was a great week for me and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. I also went on my second day of work experience this Wednesday so you can check out what I got up to on my Work Experience blog (you'll find a link to it on the top right-hand corner of this page).

Till next week,

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