Friday, 26 October 2012

Hurry Along Halloween!

Hi guys,

Back AGAIN after ANOTHER week in Transition year, and it's definately been a fun one!
We've advanced on to making an adorable hand bag for our junk kouture project and i've almost finished my Geography project ! But, what I want to skip right to is what has happened on this craaaazy Friday!

So, I  told you last week that I was going to dress up as a zombie this Friday. Well, I have. And I might have mentioned it was going to be pretty crazy. Well, it was. After ruining my brother's shirt with gashes and blood (fake of course) and making my face up with special 'shadow' effects and a lovely glob of blood around my mouth, well, I was good to go.  All this day has consisted of is eating a bunch of sweets and watching the likes of 'hokus pokus'. It's been great, and I hope you enjoy your halloween this October, just wish it would hurry up already!

Till next week,

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