Friday, 19 October 2012

Halloween is coming!

Hi Guys,

Back again after another week in Transition Year. This week involved many mishaps with our Junk Kouture outfit, another Wednesday of work experience and more work from something I might not have told you about yet, Mini Company.

As myself and Eimear were one man down this week for the making of our Junk Kouture outfit, it is only fitting that we have encountered a slight problem with our design. We had our skirt made when we realised it was stapled onto our waistband. This wouldn't work as we needed to weave the two together in order to complete the piece, but of course, we couldn't do that without drilling some holes first. And as we prepared to drill these holes in our skirt, we quickly realised it just wasn't going to work that way. We had to take it ALL apart, quite a big problem. But, after finally drilling the holes and spending about 4 hours re-modelling our skirt, we finally completed it and are well on our way to finishing the whole design! Also, Eimear(our chosen model) tried on the whole outfit and I must say, it's looking pretty promising..

So, something that I haven't mentioned yet on my blog is another one of my projects called 'Mini Company'. This will be carried out by all Transition Year students during Business Studies class. It involves groups of 2-12 people forming a mini company coming up with a smart, unique product to sell throughout Transition Year. Each group will be submitted into a competition for all Transition Year students accross Ireland and there will be an over all winner based on things like cleverness and product sales. My groups design is top secret for the moment, so keep reading every week to find out what it is we're doing.

Halloween is coming and to celebrate, my whole school is dressing up next Friday before our midterm holiday, our theme is 'zombies' and I can't wait to dress up and be the best zombie ever! Also, if you'd like to read about my fourth day of work experience you can check it out on my other blog linked in the top right-hand corner of this page.

Till next week,


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