Friday, 12 October 2012

What week is it again?!

Hey guys,

Back again after another week in transition year. This week involved my whole school participating in our  annual fun walk, Eimear, Zoey and I coming very far with our junk kouture outfit and the beginning of many more exciting new projects. Let's catch up :

So, to begin with, I took part in the Fun Walk with the rest of my class last Friday. I realised quickly on Thursday evening that I hadn't made my costume for the walk, and that I had infact not even gotten the materials needed to make it. This, of course, lead to a late night scram to the local supermarket to find myself a cardboard box and some very dodgey yellow paint. And although it was a very late night for myself, it was completely worth it as we danced our hearts out infront of the rest of the school. Very badly. Unfortunately, we did not win, but we had a great time losing!

But, on a lighter note, our junk kouture project is coming along GREAT. We're all super excited about it and have been working hard on it for the best part of TY so far. This week, we've almost completed the skirt for our outfit, meaning we have the skirt, bodice, accessories and headpiece done and dusted. That just leaves shoes.... and don't worry, i'll be posting a picture of our progress very soon!

Also, last week I mentioned the BT Young Scientist competition, an important science event run every year in the RDS for students and businesses all over Ireland. I also mentioned that myself and Eimear have to come up with a project and enter it in this competition, but I regret to inform, that we've missed our deadline. Oh well, best of luck to all the St.Wolstans girls that entered!

This week, I have also been working on TY blogs, mostly about work experience and Transition Year as a whole, and on projects. Still working on my exciting Geography project, I have begun new ones in Maths and English about famous mathematitions and my favourite movie scene ( mine chosen from Forest Gump of course).

That's all I have to report on from this Transition Year week but make sure to check out my other blog about work experience for more posts from me.

Till next week,

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