Friday, 30 November 2012

Chinese Food !

Hey guys,

So this week of Transition Year included some more hard work on my Junk Kouture project and a trip to White Water shopping centre to work on mini company!

We left the school  bright and early and headed to the cinema to get one of our many talks on our mini company projects. These talks are very beneficial to each group, they teach us how to make good first impressions and how to make our products as successful as possible! But, it has to be said, the best part of the day was most definitely lunch time. We were allowed run rampage in the shopping centre, and our first stop was the food court. We found an amazing place for Chinese food and stuffed our faces until we couldn't fit any more! After that we hit the shops to see what they had on the rails!

Also, in other news we have only one more item to complete before we're FINISHED our Junk Kouture project! About time! And, just in case you hadn't figured it out yet..


Till next week,

Beautiful Christmas Tree

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