Friday, 14 December 2012

It's been a long time coming!

Hey Guys,

So two weeks have passed since my last blog post (apologies) and I have lots of TY news to share! In my absence the Christmas countdown has begun, and everybody's already in the holiday spirit! Also, I've completed all of my Christmas assignments, so now there's plenty of time for fun and.. oh yeah, tests.

I'll start off by telling you that myself and my team mates Eimear & Zoe have COMPLETELY finished our JunkKouture design and even managed to get it onto a cat walk this week for a fashion show. The show was great and everybody's designs were amazing! It was fantastic to see all of our hard work finally paying off!!
In other good news, my group have begun selling our mini company product. Business is excellent and we're having a blast so far, I feel like i'm in a fully blown business! This week was also the deadline for the rest of my Christmas assignments. I have finally  finished all of these and they included : My Geography 'around the world' scrap book, a music folder & an english essay. That's the hard part done, and really, it wasn't hard at all!
Today I went along to a ballet with my year. We took the day out to see one of our school's students dancing in the Nutcracker ballet, and it was really good fun! We're now refreshed and getting prepared for next weeks tests. Transition years don't have it bad at all and we're finishing our 2 days of tests by  throwing ourselves a little Christmas party and going out to bowl, shop and eat some more of that amazing Chinese food I told you about in my last post. We even finish 2 days before the rest of the school, now that's not bad..
Till next week,

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