Friday, 16 November 2012

Project X

Hey guys,

So this week I've been hard at work completing projects and meeting my deadlines. It's been a fun week and it has been great to see all of my efforts come together after months of preparation. But it hasn't exactly been hard work all week, there have been plenty of memorable moments throughout the process.

Starting bright and early on Monday morning we got working on our Technology project due this Friday. For this, we must design a formula one car that will be innovative and faster than the rest, you could call it a competition. As part of this project we had to take pictures of each team member... in front of other students... long story short that didn't go so well!

Another project that was finished this week is my geography 'world trip' project. It took a looong time but i'm so pleased with how it's turned out, after all, it took me 2 months! This week I have made really exciting advances with my junk kouture outfit. We have designed and finished the shoes. They are complete with a bow, frills, and a hand-made stack of bulging presents. I think I'm in love.

So that's all I got up to this week but I will be posting again here soon so make sure to come check that out. Also my fellow classmate, Orla, is writing a great Transition Year blog so to see what she gets up to each week, click here !

Till next week,

Oh look, it's our shoes!

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