Friday, 21 September 2012

Hi Guys,
It's a new week and i'm back again to share with you my TY experiences. This week has been absolutely MAD! It all started  when I woke up early Monday morning at the ungodly hour of 5:45am, to make it to a meeting point where my classmates and two buses awaited for our much anticipated trip to Carlingford!

After a two hour bus journey and what seemed like a bucket of sweets, we arrived at our destination, and began our activities right away. Our first activity began with a walk up a killer hill and although we were all in bits afterwards, we continued on to what would soon be known as the best fun of all... laser combat! I particularly enjoyed this activity and took pride in my shooting skills and the fact that I was only killed once, although others might not have been so happy with that as my shooting name (saber) soon made it's way on to everyone's wanted list.

As the day rolled on, we took part in kayaking and a mountain walk in the late evening. These consisted of crawling through many tunnels and best of all walking blindfolded in a line shouting ''i'm a spoon'', you might not get that one..  Afterwards everyone got together to hang out before we all headed to our rooms and ate sweets to our hearts content or until we fell asleep at 12:30am (I blame the hill walk for that one).

The next day held great activities which got us rolling down hills in giant blow up balls laughing our heads off during zorbing and making terrible progress over a small lake to help an 'African tribe' with their water pump troubles in the team challenges ((sadly, my group didn't win ): )). Carlingford 2012 was the best experience EVER and I can't wait to go back sometime soon. After returning from our trip, tired and sad to leave, we began a new school day where we endured 3 workshops and then left for home to sleep for 14 hours.

Two days later and we're all finally ourselves again, visiting a local cinema about our upcoming mini company projects and of course, buying wonderful cinema food. I will let you know next week how our Junk Kouture outfit is going but for now I will leave you with a video my year head, Mrs.L. kindly made for us all,

Till next week,

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