Friday, 14 September 2012

Carlingford here we come!

Hello again,

So this post comes after the week of receiving my Junior Certificate results, along with the rest of the country of course, and after celebrating endlessly my mind has finally begun focusing on my nearing adventure to Carlingford with my fellow TY peers.

We've been told to bring old clothes, shoes, togs, and towels, so the rumours are endless as to what we'll be getting up to, but I know one thing for certain.. it's going to be the best time EVER. I've already begun making plans with my friends regarding the mass amounts of food to be brought to Carlingford by each person, because food is essential of course.

If next week isn't going to be special enough for us TY's, we have yet another workshop lined up for the day of our return. We'll be taught the ins and outs of our shortly commencing work experience, so I'll let you know how that goes.

Also myself and my Junk Kouture team have completed our head piece for our 'all wrapped up' themed design, and just to make you really jealous, I've got a picture of it to show you below before I finish off for today. Hope you like it!

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