Friday, 3 May 2013

Supersize me, and make me a teddy bear.

Hey guys,

So this week has been a prolonged week whereby we finished homework assignments etc. and found out about upcoming events and deadlines. Our summer tests are fast approaching and we've already been briefed on what subjects each student will be organising for Transition Year night, but more on that in another post.

Today we learnt about the geography and cultural contexts of India, and soon we will be having two native Indian speakers in to talk to us about their cultures and knowledge of India. We also got a little break from sewing our teddy bears (which are coming along just fine) and began to watch a  documentary style movie called 'super size me'. It's a really interesting film to watch, and is all about the rapid growth of obesity in America and their problems with fast food, ie. McDonald's. One man goes on a 30 day binge of mcDonald's food which involves him eating 3 square meals a day and nothing else from any other food source. Definitely check it out.

I'm afraid that's all we've been getting up to this week as nothing new has been scheduled. Make sure you check again for next week's blog post as I will be covering an up and coming Transition year outing.

Till next week,

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