Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Off on an Irish adventure we go!

Hey guys,

As this post is coming a little late (whoops, sorry) my memory as to what went on the past week has slightly faded, and all I can really remember is the week previous, our Irish trip to be precise.

So, on Friday the 10th of may, all of us transition years headed out in our tracksuits to explore the grounds of St.Enda's school in Dublin. This was an all-boys school set up in 1908 by Patrick Pearse and Willie Pearse, two leaders of the Irish 1916 rising that were executed in Kilmainham jail for their involvement. The school was set up as the pair wanted gaeilge to be taught and spoken throughoutin schools and throughout Ireland. It was therefore set up as an all Irish speaking school which did succeed at influencing the teaching of Irish, which is of course still around today. Mar is eol duit.

While there, we had a tour of the beautiful gardens, learnt about the history of the school and the students that attended (the boys wore yellow skirts, blazers and white shirts). The house itself was fabulous, finished with three stories, a massive garden and a set of stairs which lead to the large green front door. (inside they even had the butcher block on which Robert Emmet was beheaded.

We then watched a movie about the life of the Pearse Brothers and enjoyed a nice lunch in the accompanying Brambles café. It was a lovely day out with everyone, and we all enjoyed learning more about the history of Ireland. If you are near the area, I definitely recommend a visit. The gardens are full of flowering plants and it is a wonderfully quiet and relaxing place to visit.

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