Friday, 26 April 2013

Dissolvaball, a cereal ball that dissolves in your milk.

Hey Guys,

This week was full of new projects and tasks that we took on in an effort to finish before our 3 month long summer holidays. All week we have been working on perfecting a song for an Irish competition we have decided to enter into. Ciara, Roisin, Zoe & Orla have been mad at work for the past two weeks creating lyrics to go along with the tune of The Script - 'the man who can't be moved'  and after successfully jumping a few hurdles, we have finally learned it off and even got around to recording the whole thing today, getting it ready to send into the judges. I'll let you know how we get on with that, and will have the video to share with you shortly!

This week we have also been designing cereal boxes for our latest mini company assignment. Myself, Eimear and Aisling have come up with 'disolvaball' a sphere shaped cereal that when dissolved in half a bowl of milk gives you eg. Chocolate milk and cocopops. I have been in charge of creating the logo and our character ('Bally Pauly'). We have decided to go ahead and create the strawberry version of our cereal, here it is below:
I went to my 3rd week of work experience, the half way mark until we're completely finished. If you'd like to read about my day, all you need to do is click on this here and you will be redirected over to my work experience blog! I've also been to work on my teddy bear, which is coming on nicely. A lot of us are nearing the end of the process so I'll get a picture up soon! I can't believe there's so little time left in Transition Year!

Till next week,

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