Saturday, 2 March 2013

To Cork We go..

Hey guys,

This week was a pretty hectic week (in particular, a hectic friday!). We presented our Scifest projects to judges and made our way to Cork & back .. all in one day.

Other than Friday, this week was a relaxed one. We had a couple of assignment deadlines, but nothing major that we couldn't handle. What was crazy though was the numerous different activities that Friday had to offer.

Friday morning we set up our displays for Scifest. Myself and my partner Eimear had conducted an experiment regarding the topic of ithcing being contagious (it is). The morning was good fun and we wrapped up an left for Cork (a county on the other side of Ireland if you didn't know) at around 11:40am.

We took 3hours 25minutes in the mini bus until finally arriving at Briary Gap to perform our play. It was scary at first but when we got to it it was such good fun and we hope to have done our play justice. After perfoming we got back into the bus to return home nackered at 8:40pm. Talk about one crazy day.

Till next week,

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