Friday, 22 March 2013

Pilgrimage & Bowling

Hey guys,

This week we went on a mini pilgrimage, ate out, and went bowling. Not to mention we also performed in our school's annual Music Night.

The week started off on Tuesday after our long weekend and St.Patrick's day!! On Tuesday we started watching the movie '21' in maths. It's all about this guy that needs to save $300,000 for his college tuition fee's and so gets roped into a group of 'card counters' that use their 'super brains' to cheat casino's in Vegas and win themselves a lot of money. We haven't quite finished it yet, but if you haven't seen it I definitely recommend giving it a watch, it's so interesting!

Usually on a Wednesday we would go to work experience but since our second block is completed we have been going out on mini group trips. This week's came in the form of a mini pilgrimage to Kildare.

Our pilgrimage involved us visiting sights such as those shown above. They are all to do with St. Brigid and the last picture you see (St. Brigid's holy well) shows a tree on the left hand corner full of small belongings traditionally put there by visitors symbolising people they would like to be prayed for. Our pilgrimage was followed by a trip to White Water Shopping Centre (where we filled up on doughnuts & carrot cake) and then a competitive game of bowling! It was a great day!

On Thursday and headed straight to the hall to practise for that nights music night. We were singing a medley of 'Ho Hey' by the Lumineers, 'Hall of Fame' by The Script and 'I follow rivers' by Lykke Li. We had been practising the previous few weeks and set the stage that night in front of an audience made up of student's parents. It was a great night and nobody forgot their words!

Today we finally finished contagion (another BRILLIANT movie that you should watch) and continued to make our Teddy Bears, they're really coming together! Now for our two-week long mid-term break, Have a good Easter :)

Till next week,

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