Friday, 21 December 2012

It's not the end of the world

Hey guys,

So this week of Transition year madness came to an end yesterday, and with it came the start of my two week long CHRISTMAS holidays!

We spent the first three days of this week in 'test mode' but come Wednesday the only thing pulling us through was the thought of our day out on Thursday. So, when it came, we were all more than happy to drop our books and pick up the bowling balls.

We had a small party for all TY's on Thursday morning where we danced around, ate cake and handed out our secret Santa presents. I was delighted with my present, a cupcake body lotion with a dr.pepper smelling body wash (yum) and 3 BOXES of brownies! If that wasn't enough we then headed out to bowl, and when I came 4th out of 6 people it was time to go shopping.

But of course, the first thing I did was run over and grab myself some chinese food, as one should. It was delicious and with 10 minutes to spare we got a little bit of shopping done too ! So that was our great day out and that's us finished until January! Merry Christmas!!

Till next week,

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