Saturday, 26 January 2013

I Do What I Say and I Say What I Do

Hey guys,

So it's been another hard week in Transition Year, although, when I say hard I really mean tiring (probably due to my own lack of sleep!). This week judging was held for our mini company projects, we made advances in our teddy making process and we got cracking at our third week of work experience.

First up on a snowy Monday morning we each set up stalls and promoted our mini company products. The day consisted of a small award ceremony and a public speaking presentation from each team in front of two judges. The judges were there to choose what group would be going through to a national competition later on in the year. Although we didn't get short listed, myself and my group are very proud of our progress and left very happy indeed.

We also made a DELICIOUS cheesecake, no doubt I ate it all myself! And as I said I would, here's a picture..
That's all for this week,

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